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Basis of Contract Precedent to Liability

Here are some important points you must be aware of.

  • You should not be travelling against any medical advice.
  • If you know of any reason why the Journey should be cancelled before you bought your policy you cannot claim under the policy .
  • You will not be covered for any claims directly or indirectly related to a known event. A known event refers for example to a natural disaster or strike or riot which has already happened or there is general knowledge that it is about to happen.
    • You must support your claim with documents otherwise you may not be able to claim under your policy.
    • If you have made any false or fraudulent statements or held back or falsely stated any material fact whatsoever, your claim may be refused.


Faster and easier to claim*:

  •  Submit online for applicable types of claim

Do remember to submit your claim within 30 days upon return.

What’s next?

  • We will acknowledge your claim within 3 working days
  • We will inform you if we appoint service providers to assist in the claim. Please give us your full cooperation and you will receive our timely response.

Medical Expenses Claims

How to quicken your claim assessment?

  • Submit all original medical bills or doctor’s memo.
  • Medical and TCM bills must show a breakdown of the items including consultation fees, medication prescribed and type of illness treated by the doctor.
  • Specialist Consultation and Treatment must be referred by a General Practitioner.
  • Medical expenses will be covered if you fell sick overseas and consulted the doctor within 48 hours from the time of your return to Singapore

Flight and Baggage Delay Claims

Travel Delay Benefit covers All Causes of Unexpected Delays that is outside of your control (e.g. airline delay due to operational reason, airport closure):

  • Submit a letter from the airline stating
    • CAUSE of the delay and
    • NUMBER OF HOURS of delay.
    You can request for this letter at the airport’s airline counter

  • This is a cash benefit:
    • You do not need to show how much you spent.
    • This does not cover additional expenses incurred because of the delay, e.g. extra night of hotel stay.

Baggage Delay

  • Submit a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to verify the date and time of the delay. You can request for a PIR at the airport’s airline counter or Lost and Found counter.
  • This is a cash benefit:
    • You do not need to show how much you spent.
    • This does not cover additional expenses incurred because of the delay, e.g. buying new clothing.

Damage to Luggage Claims

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Submit a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  • Request for a PIR at the airport when you discover that your luggage is damaged
  • Take photographs of the damaged luggage.
  • Submit repair bill if the luggage was repaired.
  • You cannot claim under the policy if the airline has already replaced your damaged luggage or repaired your luggage.

Loss of Personal Effects Claims

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Submit a police report or an incident report of the loss.
  • Submit original proof of purchase and/or warranty cards or invoices.
  • For Theft / Loss claims submit a list of items stolen with the information on make/model, date of purchase and purchase price
  • Submit photographs of damaged items if any
  • Claim amounts will be adjusted for depreciation or wear and tear during assessment. The amount will be further adjusted if you are not able to provide any supporting documents.
  • For loss of mobile phones, submit letter showing that you have terminated the phone line

Loss of Travel Document & Money Claims

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Submit documents showing expenses incurred to replace travel documents, including extra costs of accommodation and travel
  • The policy will only cover loss of money by robbery, burglary or theft only. Submit copy of police report or incident report of the loss.

Rental Vehicle Excess Claims

The policy will cover the excess stated in the rental contract only and not the cost of repair.

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Copy of the rental agreement / contract
  • Copy of receipts / documents showing the excess paid


Cancellation / Curtailment / Disruption Claims

Cancellation means you did not leave for your trip at all because of one of the events stated under the policy. This must happen 30 days before your trip.

Curtailment means you had to abandon the trip and return early because of any of the named events under the policy.

Disruption means you could not complete part of your journey due to an illness which required hospitalization for at least a day.

Please submit:

  • Medical report to state that you are unable to travel or continue your journey.
  • Letter or booking invoice from your travel agent to certify amount paid and amount refunded.
  • Travel itinerary showing dates of journey and all persons covered.
  • Invoice and receipt for charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air ticket (for trip curtailment).
  • Proof of relationship, if necessary.

Sompo Assist Program

A comprehensive range of services and benefits that you can depend on in the unfortunate event of a claim. Call our Sompo Assist Hotline at (65) 6532 2522 !

Medical Assistance

  • Telephone Medical Advise
  • Arrangement of Hospital Admission
  • Monitoring of medical condition during hospitalisation
  • Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation back to Singapore
  • Arrangement of Emergency Medical Repatriation back to Singapore
  • Arrangement of Transportation of Mortal Remains back to Singapore

Travel Assistance

  • Embassy referral / Interpreter referral
  • Lost passport / Lost luggage assistance

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