Group Personal Accident

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Group Personal Accident Insurance

As an employer, the well-being of your employees is your top priority. Our Group Personal Accident Insurance helps you take care of them. It provides 24-hour worldwide protection on your employees’ lives against death or permanent disablement including medical expenses incurred in the event of an accident.


We’ve put together benefits that best meet your employees’ needs by selecting your preferred Sum Insured for Accidental Death benefit and enhance the coverage by adding on Permanent Disablement, Weekly Income and Medical Expenses benefits.

  • Repatriation Expenses up to $2,000
  • Food Poisoning, Insect / Animal Bites, Motorcycling injury
  • Accidental Miscarriage, Reservist Training Accidental Injury
  • Suffocation by Smoke, Poisonous Fumes, Gas & Drowning
  • Treatment expenses from licensed Chinese Physicians and Chiropractors up to S$1,000 for any one accident 
  • Enrol employees Age 16 to 70 under a payroll of Singapore office and enjoy renewal up to Age 75, provided there is no lapsation in cover after Age 60

Full Coverage Details

A. Accidental Death (Compulsory Section)
B. Permanent Disablementchoice of Scale 1 OR Scale 2 benefits

Concise Permanent Disablement Table Of Benefits

See Permanent Disablement Table of Benefit complete benefit table Description of Permanent Disablement (PD) % of Capital Sum Insured Payable
Total And Permanent Disablement 100% 100%
Total And Permanent Loss of All Sight in One or Both Eyes
Total Loss By Physical Severance or Total Permanent Loss of Use of
- Loss of one arm between or at shoulder to wrist
- Loss of one leg between or at hip to ankle
Total & Permanent Loss of
- Sight in one eye except perception of light or lens on one eye
100% 50%
Loss of Fingers or Toes or Phalanges From 3% to 50%
Total Permanent Loss of Hearing in One or Both Ears 20% / 75%
Total Permanent Loss of Speech 50%
Third Degree Burns From 50% to 100%
C. Weekly Income Benefits (due to Temporary Total Disablement or Partial Disablement, up to 104 weeks)
D. Medical Expenses (Limit any 1 accident)


Premiums will be calculated based on the sum insured amount of the classification of the occupations.

Classification of Occupation

Persons engaged in indoor & nonmanual work in non-hazardous places
Persons engaged in work of an outdoor or supervisory nature or involve occasional manual work whose duties do not involve the use of tools or machinery or exposure to any special hazard
Persons engaged in manual work not of particularly hazardous nature but involving the use of tools or machinery
Examples - CLASS 1 Examples - CLASS 2 Examples - CLASS 3
  • Barber / Hairdresser
  • Beautician
  • Tailor
  • Nurse
  • Dentist / Doctor / Surgeon (Non-veterinary)
  • Indoor sales / Marketing (More than 50% in office)
  • Software Engineer
  • Management (Director, Manager, etc) with overseas travel less than 12 times a year
  • MINDEF Administrative Staff (No field training)
  • Home-maker
  • Retiree (More than 62 years old)
  • Full-Time Students (More than 16 years old)
  • Chauffeur
  • Decorator (Managing)
  • Engineer (Excluding Software Engineer)
  • Foreman (Non-Construction)
  • Outdoor Sales / Marketing
  • Surveyor
  • Insurance Agent / Property Agent
  • Assembly Line Production Worker (Not using tools & machinery)
  • Unarmed Security Guard
  • Laboratory Assistant (In schools and colleges)
  • Management (Director, Manager, etc) with overseas travel 12 or more times a year
  • Fitness / Gym Instructor
  • Baker / Chef
  • Carpenter (Not using woodworking machinery)
  • Contractor
  • Courier
  • Driver
  • Hawker / Market Stallholder
  • Motor Repairer
  • Painter (Not involving work at heights)
  • Plumber
  • Technician
  • Veterinary Surgeon

(Please refer to our office for approval) Commercial air crew and pilot, military personnel (excluding MINDEF administrative staff)

Industrial workers using heavy machinery / woodworking tools and machineries: any occupation involving aviation activities; police force personnel, fire fighters; construction / unskilled workers; ship crew or workers on board vessels, stevedores, shipbreakers; occupations involving diving, platforms, oil and gas rig worker; offshore workers; work involving heights (exceeding 30 feet above ground or floor level) and / or works underground and travel beyond normal speed on land / or handling of hazardous chemical / electricity; professional sports teams; professional divers and jockeys; welders and the like, Crane operators.

Important Notice

Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme
This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact your insurer or visit the GIA/LIA or SDIC web-sites ( or or

The product information detailed in this section does not outline all aspects of cover nor does this serve as an insurance contract. Please refer to a copy of our policy wording, which is available on request, for details of the coverage conditions and limits; or contact our Sompo authorized agent or your insurance broker for more details.


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