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Sail the seas with confidence. Our innovative boat insurance, is designed for your well-being  when you’re travelling on the ocean. This comprehensive policy insures you against the risk of owning and operating your vessel, be it a sailing yacht or jet-ski, for your own leisure and private use (SZ) or for hire/charter for reward (SZH). 


  1. Physical loss or damage to your vessel caused by:
    • Perils of the seas
    • Jettison
    • Piracy
    • Contact damage
    • Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
    • Etc
  2. Legal liabilities to third parties
  3. Personal Accident cover for the Main Insured (applicable only for individual Owners)

Optional Coverage

  1. Water sports
  2. Racing risks

Other Features

No claim discount


Instalment Payment Plan 6 or 12 months 0% interest free Instalment Payment Plan is available. (For Individual Insured only). Simply complete and sign the Credit Card Payment Form and submit it to our office with your application form. Click to download Credit Card Payment Form.

Important Notice


The product information detailed in this section does not outline all aspects of cover nor does this serve as an insurance contract. Please refer to a copy of our policy wording, which is available on request, for details of the coverage conditions and limits; or contact our Sompo authorized agent or your insurance broker for more details.