Work Injury Compensation

  • Complete the claim form fully and provide all supporting documents to ensure timely processing of your claim.
  • Co-operate with Sompo and our appointed adjusters to investigate accidents and collate evidence from employees in order to mitigate loss and ensure timely processing of the claim. 
    • You must support your claim with documents otherwise you may not be able to claim under your policy.
    • If you have made any false or fraudulent statements or held back or falsely stated any material fact whatsoever, your claim may be refused.

Make a Claim

Work Injury Compensation Claims

Useful Notes

  • Establish the facts of the accident when the details of the incident are still fresh in the memory of the parties involved.
  • Take photographs of the scene to ensure that an accurate first-hand account is available.
  • Record statements from the parties involved including co-workers and any other witnesses at the scene.
  • This is especially important if the parties involved are foreign workers who may no longer be in your employ later.
  • If the accident involves equipment or structures, do not throw away anything until our appointed surveyor has surveyed the scene. Take photographs of the affected equipment or structure before anything is removed. This will help to establish how the accident happened.

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Fully completed claim form and ‘Notice of Accident/ Occupational Disease/Dangerous Occurrence’ form
  • Medical reports / Inpatient Discharge Summary / Medical note from attending doctor
  • Original medical bills and/or medical certificates / Medical appointment card
  • Any original receipts / documents to evidence payment of wages
  • Clinical Abstract form duly signed by the injured worker / Work Permit or NRIC
  • If the injured worker is not your direct employee you must provide a copy of the contract document between your company and the sub-contractor.

As circumstances will be different from claim to claim we may request for additional information or supporting documents which are specific to a claim if required.

Common Law Claims

What to do when you receive a Common Law claim?

Let Sompo know as soon as possible if the injured worker or his lawyer starts a common law claim against you so that we can investigate the matter early.

  • Do not admit liability or sign any document agreeing to pay for damages as this may make you personally liable for the damages
  • Do not reply to any documents received from third parties and forward the documents to Sompo immediately for our assessment and follow up.
  • If you receive a Writ of Summons you must notify Sompo claim division immediately - any delay on your part may make it more difficult to handle the claim. We will need to evaluate each case on its own merits and handle the claims accordingly.
  • Failure to respond to a Writ of Summons will result in Interlocutory Judgment being entered against you. If this happens, your claim will be prejudiced and you may not be covered under your policy. Any additional costs incurred to set aside the judgment will be borne by you.

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