How can I give you my feedback

Sompo’s philosophy and practice has always been to provide you with quality products, good customer service, prompt and equitable settlement for claims by giving you immediate access to people who can help you to resolve any issue quickly.

However, if you are not satisfied with:

  • Our product.
  • Our service.
  • The service of our agent, loss adjuster or investigator.
  • Our decision on your claim.

write to us with your details (name, contact numbers, etc.), specific nature of your feedback and supporting documents to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd.
50 Raffles Place,
#03-03 Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623

Alternatively, you can email us at this link.

We will provide an acknowledgement to your feedback within 3 working days.

In some instances, we will be able to resolve your feedback on our first contact with you. However, if we must undertake investigation to secure additional information to enable us to make an informed decision, we will request for such information within 7 working days from the date of your feedback. We will keep you advised of the progress during the course of the investigation.

You can supply any additional information in support of your reasons for the dispute at any time during the dispute resolution process. We are happy to help you if you require any assistance.

You will be advised in writing of our final decision no more than 14 working days after we have received all the relevant information. Our Dispute Resolution process is a free service to you.

If you still have doubts as to our decision and if you are an individual or sole proprietor , you can consider taking your feedback to the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Center Ltd (FIDReC) which has replaced the old Independent Disputes Resolution Organisation . This is an independent and impartial party set up to encourage and assist in the resolution of disputes between consumers and financial institutions in an amicable and fair manner.

 Address  36 Robinson Road

 #15-01 City House
 Singapore 068877

 Telephone            6327 8878
 Fax   6327 1089 / 6327 8488
 Email          [email protected]

FIDReC provides:

· an affordable avenue for people who do not have the resources to go to court, or don't wish to pay hefty legal fees.

· an independent channel for resolving insurance disputes involving claims between insureds and insurers of up to S$100,000 for both life and general insurance. In addition, FIDReC also handles third party claims of up to S$50,000.

The ruling of FIDReC is final and binding on the insurance company, but not for the Customer. If he/she is not happy with the ruling, the customer is free to reject the ruling and pursue legal proceedings, mediation or arbitration as provided in most policies.