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  • Applicant should be 16 years and above.
  • Applicant and all insured persons should be Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents, Employment Pass Holders, Dependent Pass Holders, Student Pass Holders or Long Term Social Visit Pass Holders and residing in Singapore.
  • Applicant and all insured persons do not participate in hazardous activities such as professional sports, private aviation, mountaineering, underwater activities and racing, etc.
  • Applicant and all insured persons are not involved in the following occupations : industrial workers using heavy machinery / woodworking related; any occupation involving aviation activities; police force personnel, fire fighters; construction / unskilled workers; ship crew or workers on board vessels, stevedores, shipbreakers; occupations involving diving, platforms, oil and gas rig and/or offshore work; occupation involving work height and/or works underground and/or travel beyond normal speed on land and/or handling of hazardous chemical / electricity; Professional sports teams; Professional divers and jockeys; Welders and the like, Crane operators.


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Applicant’s Particulars

Spouse’s Particulars

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